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Dr. Bethany Henry looses control of her independent life when a curious storm and waterspout sends her yacht sailing through time.  Bethany, and her twin, Bryce, find themselves in what they believe to be a mock battle, which turns out to be real.  Men do not die in fake battles.  Captives on a privateer's ship, they are not in 1999 anymore, but in 1814, and in the last days of the War of 1812.

Captain Joshua Blackmon has scores to settle with the English and Spanish.  He sails in league with Jean Lafitte of Barataria.  Vengeance is his driving force until an American beauty on a strange boat shows up.  He wonders who is the captive?  Does he control Bethany or does she control his heart?  Nay!  He will never give up his fight to rid the sea of those who would harm his countrymen, even for the love of a woman.  Bethany must learn to love the pirate, before she can learn of the Virginia gentleman behind Joshua Blackmon.

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Artist: Pam Ripling

Kara Angel was a spitfire more than an angel, but only when she thought her life was in danger.  As a computer science teacher at a community college, she never expected to find the right man because the best ones were gone.  That’s what she thought until Mario de Marco came along.  Only one problem.  He kidnapped her and hid from the local sheriff.  He had to be a criminal, didn’t he?  His associates were dangerous because one tried to kill her as soon as Mario brought her to their secret rendezvous 

Mario de Marco had a job to do--traverse the airfield and keep intruders off the property.  It should have been an easy post while his comrades made special plans for an international rescue.  Easy until a beautiful spy showed up.  She was suspicious from the start, snooping in an airplane hanger where she shouldn’t have been.  How had the enemy found out so soon about the rescue?  One of the men. was in danger because of his involvement, and he wanted to kill the lovely spy.  Mario had to find out what he needed from the spy and keep her safe.  She thought Mario wanted to kill her because he had kidnapped her, but he had to make her understand that he’d rather make love to her.

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Artist: Pat Evans