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To Wish For Peace excerpt

Tramall stood at the edge of the forest and hid in the thickest undergrowth nearest Genes Trading Center that stood within sight of the Genes Fortress. She’s coming. She had just left her stone shelter and headed down a path to a waterhole in the shade of the forest. He’d watched her on the path before. With her two small sisters, she’d seek the cool of the stream to squelch the intensity of The Heat. Soon, his vengeance would be meted out. Soon he would know that the Trespasser commander would suffer as he had suffered.

He stepped deeper into the underbrush. He could arrive at the Chelse Flow that ran into Daick’s Waterway close to Fortress Genes long before her. He scrunched his body down and waited for the change. His body pulsated, each muscle changing. Fur began to grow all over his body, his arms lengthening. Already his claws were long and deadly. No matter how many times he changed, it fascinated him. His canines extended, two long saber-like fangs coming out of his mouth. He could now run with the speed of his full bastis abilities.

The change didn’t hurt. Natural as his human form, the bastis came easily, although most of the time human form bound him. He had seen his reflection after the change. The bastis bore a slight resemblance to his human self. His pointed ears remained. His golden eyes changed from black round pupils to narrow slits of a feline. His coppery skin became covered with glossy, black fur, matching the thick black of his Elfaxen hair. He could change at will, but not all his people had that power. Some Elfaxens were frightened, even of him. A lord, a warrior... a Grand Bastis, he claimed superiority over his kind. By mere chance of birth, he had size, strength and intuitive skill, which made him deadlier than most of his kind. On Elfax that meant something and this day he reveled in the power.

When the change ended, he raced through the woods on his four paws. He had enjoyed watching her, Elayna of the family Connan, daughter of his most hated enemy. This day she would be his. His grasp held sweet revenge. He released a loud roar to signal his fellow warriors. When he peered through the thick trees, he caught sight of the children. None of them seemed to notice. They chattered too much to hear the sounds of the forest around them. Such ignorance of their surroundings could be to his advantage. After all, they were Trespassers, alien to the planet Elfax.

~ * ~

Elayna heard a strange roaring sound from the darkened woods and glanced back at her lagging sister. She couldn’t identify the sound, though animal, but nothing dangerous inhabited this area... or so said the numerous scouts.

“Teela! Stop trailing behind.” Unable to stop the surge of motherly protection, she glanced down to the blond head of her youngest sister in front of her. Meesha turned her head and smiled up at her.

Meesha wiped perspiration from her forehead. “It’s really hot.”

Elayna agreed but didn’t say so, because the lightweight dresses and bare minimum sandals felt marvelous today, even before midday. The loose weave of the cottalin fabric made a wonderful humidity-battling component. The Heat, with long steamy days in all the valleys in the Land Between The Gaps, bombarded them. Thirty-hour days seemed even longer. She couldn’t wait to get to her favorite spot. At the end of this path through the forest lay a solitary pool of blue-tinted water.

Even in the days of The Heat, the natural reservoir at the bottom of a small, gentle waterfall in the Chelse stream gave a cool refuge. It offered easy access, especially with close proximity to their stone shelter. She missed home. Fond memories of her life on Mallen came often, but the blue waters of Elfax had their own pleasurable draw. Thanks be to the foresight of the colonist leaders, who built the fortress near the major waterflow of the Daick’s valley. Couldn’t be easier. Streams and waterflows and mountains made up the whole area of The Land Between The Gaps. If Elayna and her family hadn’t come to Fortress Genes, the latest of four colonies on Elfax, they might not have found a private pool like it. Her home on Mallen in the Spearica Solar System of the Euphratoria Galaxy didn’t have the season changes like this area of Elfax’s valley. How surprising that water that didn’t come from a central dispenser could be so enjoyable.

The three had to walk single-file along the steep, winding path because of the crowding vegetation. Premium flat land rarely existed here in The Land Between The Gaps. That could be why the Elfaxen people hadn’t settled here. From what she’d heard, the Elfaxen villages were spread out in wide valleys.

Meesha glanced around at Elayna again. “Do you like to come here as much as me?”

“I love it almost as much as story time.”

Meesha’s nose wrinkled up. “Better than story time?”

“I said almost as much.”

“What else do you like?” Meesha piped out.

Teela ran in front and grabbed Meesha’s other hand. “What else do you like, Elayna?”

“Seeing you swim like a fish.”

Teela giggled. “Do you think Mother would have been proud of me?”

Melancholy settled over Elayna’s good mood. “Of course. She loved to watch us swim and she would have loved this pool.”

Meesha stopped and turned. “Don’t be sad. When I look at you, I remember her. My face becomes happy again.”

A warm satisfaction ran through Elayna. “That’s because my face is very much like hers.”

Meesha’s eyes grew wide. “Father says it’s because you have her smiling eyes.”

Elayna’s smallest sister had amazing insight. “Father said that?”

“He said that you got her kind ways and smiling eyes and her... em... pat...”

“Empathic ability.”

Meesha cocked her head. “What’s that?”

“You and Teela have the gift, too.” Elayna tried to assure.

“That’s the same as when you touch Father and you know if he’s happy or sad.” Teela’s voice sounded much older than her eight years. “Even when his face doesn’t look it, which is most of the time. Father is rarely happy since Cherroks killed his brother.”

“In the family Himartte, only we three are left. Keep walking or we’ll never get there.”

Meesha and Teela almost skipped now.

The girls didn’t realize the importance of having the empathic ability. Mother’s sister didn’t have it, for some strange reason. Not many people had known of Mother’s unique ability, because no one knew how Mother came by it. In fact, no one knew how any of the family Himartte females came by the gift. Empathic abilities had been related only to the royal family Ominar throughout the Euphratorian Empire. Mother suspected an ancient connection to the family Ominar and the family Himartte, both of Mallen, something generations past didn’t talk about, even with the opening of new worlds and diverse cultures. The biggest differences lay in touching. Elayna had to touch someone to know their emotions, wherein the Ominars had only to be in the same room.

On Mallen, Father and Mother had kept the ability secret, and even more on this savage planet. Right now, the empathic gifts were the least of her worries. Elayna needed quiet thought today. She needed to forget about all her problems… like her angry father and colonies, fortresses, and dangers. She wanted to forget Elfaxens, Astrovans and Mallens. Why couldn’t diverse societies live in peace through the whole universe? Why did anyone have to attack anyone? Everyone could share this huge plot of land. The Euphratorian Empire proclaimed itself as a peaceful society and the Earthling princess called it a utopia.

If only they had never come here.



To Wish for Peace reviewed by Linda Rettstatt

I don’t typically read Futuristic SciFi/Romance. At least, not until now. From the first page of To Wish for Peace, author Jayme Evans held me captive. Her characters, especially Elayna and Tramall, are engaging, and I was quickly drawn into the drama as it unfolded between them. On one level, Evans has written an enjoyable romance between these characters that will warm your heart and make you smile. On another level, she has created a world not so very much unlike our own, save for one thing: It’s a future world in which differing cultures actually come to believe in the possibility of peace.

To Wish for Peace offers many lessons in both love and peaceful coexistence. It’s a story you will enjoy, no matter your genre preference.  

Linda Rettstatt



‘To Wish For Peace’ by Jayme Evans is a literary masterpiece.  I read it in one day, because I just couldn’t put it down. 
It is an enchanting love story between Elayna of the family Connan and Tramall, the Grand Bastis of the Cherroks. The growing affection between them is touching and guaranteed to tug at your heartstrings. Those with a hankering for romance and tales of everlasting love will be captivated by Ms. Evan’s book.

I was moved to tears by the love and loyalty that are themes running throughout this inspirational novel. The quest for Peace that is the ultimate goal of  Elayna, a beauty, both inside and out, is a mission that you find yourself rooting for, along with our heroine. Tramall is a gorgeous hunk of man that sure gets the heart pounding away. Not only is he incredibly handsome and magnificently fit, but he is honorable and capable of great love and devotion to those he loves.
So brew some tea, or a nice cold drink (as some of the scenes will be sure to warm you up,) curl up in a comfy chair and lose yourself in ‘To wish for Peace.’ Your life will be enriched and your belief in love will be renewed all over again. I look forward to more of Ms. Evan’s books.

Suzanne M. Hurley




The To Wish for peace by Jayme Evans seems to be an unusually well crafted futuristic romance. However, its thought-provoking message elevates it into a genre of its own. The emphasis on the need for understanding is a powerful lesson to the people the twenty-first century.

In the case Elayna and Tramall, the most likeable leading characters, love comes first and it leads to understanding and the resolution of a major conflict.

The well-developed, believable personality of the main characters reveals the author’s understanding of human nature. The fast pace of -- when speed is called for -- slows just enough to permit the reader to allow the author’s veiled suggestions to sink in. This is the trademark of a talented, skilled, and well-schooled writer.

In addiction to being a darn good, most entertaining futuristic romance, this story is must read for anyone interested in human nature and conflict resolution.


 -- Gabriel Timar, Novgorod Diary,


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