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"A must read for time travel romance reader who's interested in American history"

When Dr. Bethany Henry and her twin brother, Bryce, take their father's yacht out for a vacation, they planned to just rest and relax. While Bethany is reading a historical romance novel about pirates and thinking about a women's lot in life at that time, a freak storm hits. A water spout transports them back to 1814 and into the path of a pirate ship. The captain of this ship strongly resembles the cover model from her novel that is one gorgeous hunk!

They are taken captive by the pirates and while Bryce is chained in the brig, Bethany is locked in the captain's cabin. Before Bethany can convince the captain of where they come from and to return them to the yacht, another storm takes the yacht and they're stranded. Bethany falls in love with Captain Joshua Blackmon, but she knows that he'll have to change his bloodthirsty ways before they can have any chance of happiness.

Can he change or does he even want to change? Can Bethany adjust to this new life, even loving Joshua as she does and what about Bryce? Will he agree to sign on with Joshua's crew or remain a captive aboard the ship?

Totally captivating! Marvelous! Fantastic! This book is a sure fire winner and a must have for any time travel romance reader who's interested in American history. The action is smooth, fast and continuous. The author brings the characters to life and they carry you along from page one through the entire novel. The love scenes describe the feelings and emotions of the lovers more than many without loosing any of the sensual quality. I will recommend this to anyone who is interested in loosing themselves in another world.

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Bethany and Bryce Henry are enjoying their vacation on their father’s yacht. In the middle of the crystal blue Caribbean the hot sun and brilliant sky show no hint of the storm that is coming fast. From out of nowhere, with no warning, they are tossed about in a tempest like none they’ve ever seen or heard of. 

When the storm clears they find themselves only slightly worse for wear right where they had been, but all communications are lost. Then on the horizon looms a mighty warship, but not any modern military ship, this was a replica of things long past, a pirate ship! Bethany can’t wait to investigate the marvelous vessel and it’s mysterious, handsome, totally captivating captain. What comes next is a whirlwind of adventure sure to set you on the edge of your seat for hours. 


 This novel is a wonderful escape into a past world. Ms. Evans sets up the situation brilliantly and makes you believe in time travel and the total bafflement of all involved. The characters are warm, witty, and compelling at every turn. Bethany is a truly modern woman completely at odds with the time she is thrust into, and her feisty demeanor is a complete wonder to the rugged yet sophisticated Capitan Joshua Blackmon. This is a trip for all to take for the pure pleasure of the ride and the thrill of adventure. 

TO SAIL THROUGH TIME by: Jayme Evans is available from Wings ePress at and at Check it out today for your reading pleasure.

Rating *****

Dr Bethany Henry and her twin brother Bryce are relaxing on their father's yacht on the Caribbean when a large storm takes them by surprise. The storm had not been mentioned on the weather reports and was moving towards them with astonishing speed. Unable to outrun it, they are trapped in the storm's primeval fury, and are caught up in it's massive water spout which has the power to shred their ship. Unable to cope with the dizzying twirling of the funnel, the two lose consciousness...

Three hours later, Bethany is amazed they survived. Their father's yacht had sustained surprisingly little damage, except that they were now unable to establish radio contact with anyone.

It was with genuine gratitude that they noticed a large vessel approaching. The ship appeared to be a nineteenth century sloop of war, with forty guns on the top deck. In keeping with the reenactment, the crew were garbed in authentic pirate costumes.

Most incredible of all, was the dashing Captain who could have walked off the cover of one of her romance books!

Hoping to radio land, the twins pull along side the ship and are boarded by the pirate reenacters.

The only problem is - this is no reenactment! Somehow the storm had transported the yacht, twins and all, back to 1814.

Confusion follows, as Captain Joshua Blackmon seizes their ship and takes them prisoner.

For a while the twentieth century travelers believe it is a reenactment that has gone too far, but when Bryce's imprisonment in the brig doesn’t convince them, it is time for the Captain to take stronger measures.

Watching the boarding of a Spanish vessel, Bethany and Bryce are horrified when they discover that the combat is actually real and the dead are REALLY dead. Overcoming her revulsion, Bethany insists on assisting the doctor, hoping that her future knowledge might save extra lives.

So starts their new life in brutal 1814 in the company of cutthroats and pirates.

Rather than spending the book trying to discover a way back, the twins learn to adapt to their surroundings and make a new life for themselves. Following their journeys we see pirate pillaging, unexpected mercies and developing friendships as well as historical events unfolding in front of us.

This book is an enjoyable read. I would ercommend it for all lovers of romance.

Sandy Cummins
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TITLE:  To Sail Through Time

AUTHOR:  Jayme Evans

REVIEWED BY:  Katherine Schlem

4.5 stars out of 5

 To Sail Through Time by Jayme Evans is a fabulous romp through early 1800’s America.  This particular time-travel begins in a most interesting way, with a waterspout transporting the main characters backwards through history.

The characters of Bethany, Joshua, and Bryce are colorful characters and are well conceptualized.  The historical premise of the book is sound.  I actually did some cross-checking on the history, out of pure interest, and the history is as accurate as possible, at least as accurate as a fictional depiction can be.

This book is full of romance, action, and suspense that will keep you on the edge of your computer chair (or in your airplane seat with your e-reader). Something is always happening, whether it be a quick “romp in the sack” or an all out swordfight.

I can highly recommend this book as a 4.5 stars out of 5.  Well written, well paced and thoroughly enjoyable to read.  I eagerly look forward to more novels by this particular author, especially if she continues in this genre.



By Jayme Evans

Genre: Time Travel Romance

Review by Aimee McLeod

***1/2 Recommended

A bluer-than-blue Caribbean Sea, an expensive yacht, a steamy romance novel to read and a soft drink in hand…what more could Dr. Bethany Henry ask for?

Choosing the perfect novel to go with her vacation setting, Bethany fantasizes about a blonde-haired pirate captain, chauvinistic enough not to hesitate to throw a woman over his shoulder, but compassionate enough to allow his captives to live. A perfect romance novel hero, a contradiction to beat all others, a gentleman pirate.

Bethany and her twin brother Bryce, both just finishing college, are taking a much needed vacation on their father’s very expensive yacht. The forecast is for fair winds and following seas, so when the skies darken and a mysterious storm blows up a waterspout that carries the yacht away, the twins are lucky to remain alive. But when a fully rigged schooner, complete with swashbuckling pirates armed with cutlasses and muskets pulls alongside them, it appears they’re caught in some grand re-enactment--or they’ve been sent back in time.

Joshua Blackmon doesn’t know quite what to make of the new ship he’s taken possession of. It moves with no sail, contains machinery such as he’s never seen and the woman! By gads, the woman wears breeches like a man and a shirt that clings to her skin, fully displaying all her womanly curves! For all appearances these two people are like none other he has ever seen, but could they have really come from the future? It seems impossible to believe and yet…

TO SAIL THROUGH TIME was a fun read, full of adventure, bits of history and romance all in one. I thought the author did a good job portraying the conflicts between a man from the 1800’s and an independent woman from the 1990’s. While this romance had the predictable fairy-tale ending, the plot had sufficient twists and turns to make the ride worthwhile. I got quite a laugh at some of the situations Bethany got herself into, and I thoroughly enjoyed the discussions she and Joshua had over human rights and fair treatment of prisoners. A good book to pick up for a fantasy trip of your own.

Aimee McLeod

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Short Synopsis:

After a frightening waterspout carries Bethany and her brother Bryce to 1814, Bethany meets privateer, Captain Joshua Blackmon.

Captain Blackmon captures the strange boat which carries the twins who babble foolishness about battle re-creations.  Joshua is determined to keep Bethany by his side and convince her to marry him.  Joshua plans to give up the sea, but not before he convinces Bethany to love the pirate before she knows about the plantation owner.

Joshua makes plans to fight in the Battle of New Orleans to win his pardon from crimes of piracy.  Five months pregnant and disguised as a boy, Bethany fights beside her husband on the frontline of the Battle of New Orleans against 13,000 British.


Teaser page from To Sail Through Time.  Bryce is Bethany's brother and he is concerned that Joshua will hurt his sister, who is confined to Joshua's cabin, which is aboard the privateer ship, Black Revenge.

Joshua pressed his hand against Bryce’s shoulder.  They would fight, if Bryce became angrier.  If they did, Bryce didn’t have a chance.  Bethany had seen Joshua’s fighting skill.

“I made you a promise last night,” Joshua said, “that I will not wrong her.  ‘Tis a promise I will keep, but she stays in my cabin."

Bethany peered at Joshua.  Last night?  What promise?

“Surely you understand now,” Joshua said, still ignoring her.  “’Tis for her protection as much as anything.”  He spanned his open hand in a half circle through the air.  “Look around you.  Hear with your ears, and you shall know my words are true.  Even if I were to possess her as you fear, would it not be better for one man to master her than many?"

"Hey!" she shouted out.  "No one is going to master me."

"Quiet," Bryce and Joshua said at the same time.



She glanced back at Captain Blackmon. “I guess that means we can look at your ship now?”

“Aye,” the captain said. “We can board now.”

“I’m not going,” Bryce said. “Bethany isn’t either.”

Bryce never dictated to her about what she could or could not do. Why would he be so concerned now? “I am too,” she said.

“The both of you shall go,” Captain Blackmon said.

Bryce looked really teed off. He stood with feet apart and hands on his hips. “Not of my own free will.”

“So be it,” the captain said.

Had the captain really said that? Surely he wouldn’t force Bryce onto the sloop. She moved toward Bryce, but the captain moved beside her. He grabbed her arm and pulled her back against him. He withdrew his cutlass, and placed the blade along her Adam’s apple.

“What the...?” she cried out. If she had felt shock before, it was nothing compared to the sensations running through her now. Fear, ultimate and paralyzing, brought a shiver. He played a dangerous game. He could let that danged blade slip. She breathed in slowly. Captain Blackmon’s two partners had pulled their own cutlasses on Bryce’s neck, and made it impossible for him to move in any direction.

Captain Blackmon’s warm body smashed against her. The muscles in his strong arm around her flexed.

“Consider that your strange vessel is seized.” His voice bellowed behind her head. “You and your sister are my prisoners until I get the answers I desire.”

Bryce’s face blazed red with anger. “This is absurd! There are much better yachts. What do you hope to gain by hi-jacking this one? Man! We’re just vacationers. We don’t have anything of value onboard.”

The nerve! Bethany’s temper flared. “Prisoner my eye! You’re carrying your game a little too far, Captain. Put your toys away before someone gets hurt...namely us.”

“Hey man!” Bryce yelled out. “She’s right. This is dangerous play.”

“I assure you, sir,” the captain said. “That this is no game.”

Captain Blackmon turned her around slowly in his arms. The cutlass stayed next to her neck. The green in his eyes glinted in the sun. He met her gaze with a pointed stare as his breath brushed across her face.

“It seems that your brother refuses to answer honest questions about your strange vessel.” His voice remained calm, but it didn’t make her feel less afraid. “Consider your boat, and its booty, mine until the words you both speak so strangely, made sense. You called us pirates...yet I prefer the term, privateers, for we were commissioned to provide the service we do. I have papers from Cartegena to attack and sink any Spanish or English ship, and I fly the Cartegena flag.”

His cold expression frightened her. One careless movement, one twitch, and she could be hurt, maybe killed. What a time for her nose to itch.

“I...I... don’t care what flag you fly,” she said. “We’re not Spanish or English.”

“That remains to be seen,” he said.

Remains? Where else would they be from? “It’s a sick game, and I don’t want to play. Please, get off of this yacht.”

“By the stars, woman!”

Captain Blackmon’s shout startled her. She stiffened in his arms.

“Do you not see that this is no game?” he asked. “You are my prisoner and being taken prisoner by privateers should alarm you enough to cease your foolishness. Stop these riddles now for I am not amused.”

He accused her of doing riddles? He had been one big riddle since he hopped onto their boat. What if he lost his balance with the sea’s sway? He could slice her throat.

“You’re probably just a stressed out software engineer,” she said. “Go find your jollies somewhere else, and get that danged blade off my neck.” Even as she spoke, she felt the sharp edge of the cold metal.

A muscle twitched in his jaw. She had better keep her mouth shut, because he wasn’t impressed by her false bravery.

“Again your words confound me, magician. Nevertheless, my crew and I will look forward to more entertainment from your bag of tricks.”

“Captain Blackmon!” Bryce screamed out. “This is ridiculous!” When he spoke, one of the pirate’s blades brought blood at Bryce’s throat. Bright red, it trickled down his neck.

Horror filled Bethany and she tried to pull away. “Bryce!” They could kill him, and she couldn’t do a darn thing. Why could this idiot possibly want to kill them? Other than the yacht, they didn’t have anything expensive on board. “What are you going to do with us?” Her voice came out sickly subdued.

The captain’s gaze remained hard fixed on her. “Now you finally believe that your life is mine. You shall not die, if you cooperate. I do not allow the murder of unarmed prisoners, but I have been known to teach wenches lessons they never forget. Unless you want to become sport for my crew, as well as myself, I suggest you do as I say.”

Bethany felt the color leave her face when fainting threatened her. She never fainted. This pirate actor had to be a lunatic, but his horrible threat could be true. How many of the ogling crew had heard Captain Blackmon’s threat? Did they hope that he would carry it out?

“I see that you understand my meaning,” Captain Blackmon said. He released his grip around her body. “You have a lot of explaining to do, like the objects above and below, like the yacht itself. And these strange garments that you wear.” He pulled at the T-shirt’s front and rubbed the material between his fingers. “They show your lovely woman’s figure so well. What manner of cloth can have a painting on it? And yet, not be heavy like tapestries or other woven cloth? What does it mean ‘Save the World in 1998?’” He peered down, as if looking at the large globe and inscription on her T-shirt.

“And yours, sir.” The captain turned toward Bryce. “What are the ‘Miami Dolphins’?’”

Bryce swallowed hard. Blood still trickled down his throat. “You’re not even funny, anymore, Captain. I’m not laughing at your jokes.”

Shouts from the Captain’s ship sounded out. Several of the crew pointed out across the water. The man with the patch lowered his sword from Bryce’s neck. “Cap’n, we best get aboard the Black Revenge, and batten down. There be a storm brewin’.”




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