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Sinister Knight 



Title Sinister Knight
Author Jayme Evans
Publisher Wings ePress
Genre Romantic Suspense
Rating 4 Stars
Content Review Tame
Reviewed By:     Brenda Gill


Kara Angel needed to make some decisions about her life. Should she buy herself a house, since her roommate was getting married? Should she stay in her teaching job at the local community college or try teaching at the university, with more education. An abandoned airstrip, where she often went with her father seemed like just the place to make these life-changing decisions. There, she soon found herself caught up in a dangerous adventure. Mistaken for a spy, she is kidnapped by Mario DeMarco. His job was to make sure the airstrip remained secure so that he and his companions could mount an international rescue.

Kara is taken from a small town in Kentucky, to a beach on the Southern coast of Florida, and finally, to a small island in the Caribbean by the dark, mysterious Mario DeMarco. With her life in danger, should she trust this man she is rapidly falling in love with? Just who is Mario DeMarco? Should she trust him to keep her safe?

This was a very entertaining story with a very good plot line with well-developed characters. The suspense mounts until the last page.


That information pleased Mario, and he leaned his chin against her forehead again.  Seņorita Kara Angel.  A beautiful angelic name.  But her red hair had a devilish appeal.  And her body . . . well.

William announced his return by calling through the door.  Mario searched Kara's lovely green eyes.  They captivated him, and he didn't want to look away.  "You did very well, and you were smart.  See, no one gets hurt when you're smart."

She didn't answer, but he hadn't expected her to.  He lingered longer than he needed.  William's return had signified that the crisis had ended, but Mario liked being here, next to her.  The temptation overwhelmed him to kiss her, while her soft, docile body rested against him.  Foolishness.  A kiss invited more trouble, and he didn't need anymore.  Stiff legged, he pulled away from her.  Her body warmth remained only a few seconds.  Her mouth moved, liked she had a question, but didn't know whether to ask.  "Go on and ask, if you like," he told her.

Her gaze penetrated into his.  "What are you going to do with me?"

Not what he'd like to.  He didn't say it, wouldn't say it, but he returned a slight smile.  "You asked me that before."

Her lips pressed together for a couple of seconds.  "And you never really answered."

He wouldn't answer now.  On part, he didn't know.  Keeping her scared served his purpose better, but nagging compassion ruled his heart.  He wanted to tell her that he could never hurt her.  That he'd rather be flirting with her, and wining and dining her in a romantic restaurant, somewhere that Carlos couldn't make his life miserable.  "What do you think?"

She sucked in her breath.  "I think that you're going to kill me."

Her voice was so low that he could hardly hear it.  It quivered over each word.  Guilt because of her fear heaped coals of hell fire upon his conscience.  He didn't want to scare her, but he couldn't encourage her yet.

He leaned and brushed his lips across hers.  He didn't dare more, because her nearness effected him way too much.  How could she be attracted to a spy?  She did not respond, but her gaze showed her surprise.

"What did you do that for?" she asked.

"I wouldn't kiss someone I wanted to kill," he said.

"You're not going to kill me?"

"Not unless you do something stupid."  He injected a stern tone in his voice, and stepped away.  It rubbed him the wrong way to keep someone captive.  She was an enchantress, and enticed him to go against his values and to feel unmerited compassion for her.  Peeved with himself, he turned and tugged her through the bathroom door and back to the cot.

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